Explore The World of Business Process improvement WITH Simplicity.

We work with clients on business strategy and share the best practices and knowledge to ensure the strategy bring return. 

Develop business plan integrated with SWOT and ROI to ensure business sponsors obtain return upon completion of the implementation.

About Us

Simplicity Consulting Sdn Bhd is an IT Software House Development and Business Process Consultancy. Our primary focus in for both life and general insurance including bancassurance for banking industry.

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Our Mission

Maximizing the value and performance of our customers and strive for continuous improvement, while also focusing on the quality of our provided services, continuous monitoring and the follow-up of comprehension of the requirements and the needs of our customers.

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What Makes Us Special
Tailor Make Your Software

We ensure that the conditions and requirements of the software of our clients are met.

Process Improvement

We continuously improve the business processes of our clients whenever needed to optimize performance and improve quality and the user experience for customers and end-users.

Deliver as per deadline

We ensure that our products and services are delivered to our customers on time.

Our Services

Focus on reduce redundancies, streamline operations and ensure your business can focus on high value tasks. Because that's how you can deliver faster, efficiency to your clients.

Wealth Management & Financial Planning

1. Employee retirement Package.

2. Cyber Security Insurance. 

3. Special Needs Insurance.

4. SME Insurance.

5. Employee Benefits Insurance.

6. All General Insurance Products.

7. All Life Insurance.

Community Fintech, InsurTech & Banking

1. Outpatient Medical Expenses Tracking.

2. Loan Application & Repayment. 

3. Custodian Nominees System.

4. BNM Notice 2 & 3 FEA.

5. eWallet Integration with Finexus & Alliance Bank Virtual Credit Card.

6. Credit Card, SMS Statement Generation & Notification.

7. Agency eRecruitment & Compensation.

8. Agency Income Calculator & Sales Illustration.

9. Agency Leader Compensation (ALC).

10. General Insurance Backoffice 

11. Tele-Marketing Bancassurance & Call Center.

Customized Software Development, PPM & ITSM

1. Pre-Employment Screening.

2. React Native Development.

3. Turnkey Solutions.

4. ITSM Configuration & Setup.

5. Project & Portfolio Management (PPM).

6. Special Needs Platform Hosting.

7. eKYC Real-Time verification & Integration.

8. Integration with Life Asia AS400 via Business Objects.

9. Data lake Design & Integration.

10. Penetration Test & Cybersecurity.

11. Change Management.

12. IT Outsourcing.

Why choose Us

Our attention to detail in small stuff, scheduling of timelines together with our acute project management that makes us exceptional, where we bring creativity in design and advertising, along with a diverse background of research and strategic planning that works for our customers.

Operational Excellence

Our execution of the business strategy are consistent and more reliable, with lower operational risk and operating cost which increases revenues.

Continuous Growth

We strike for continuous improvement to growth ourselves and our customers.

Team of experts
We have dedicated team of experts on respective fields and SME.
Projects Completed
Years of experience